I hail from Dallas, so naturally I'm sentimental about the Rev, late night Whataburger runs and Lone Star beer caps.
I was raised on the east coast so I know how to hustle; I lived on the west coast so I know how to flow. I hang my Rangers hat in St. Louis so I know how to toast ravioli (and talk smack about a stoopid World Series from a decade ago).
For the past few, I've been upping my game with a UX/UI position with ULTA beauty that has reignited my passion for pushing pixels, organizing chaos, making good things GREAT and gatekeeping (as Mike Montiero would say).
I was also fortunate enough to land a year-long+ freelance contract at New Balance making the freshest 574 emails, amongst other interwebby things. I still have an ongoing gig with Goebel Furniture where I can build a brand, build some furniture or both! Honestly, it's kind of a dream scenario where I can drive a track saw or a mouse.
Beyond creating tabletops, design systems or user surveys and I think most importantly, I really try to build relationships with my coworkers and clients. I try to be the guy you can count on. The guy that has stories about real-life MarioKart racing on the streets of Shibuya or eating cricket tostadas in Mexico City. Better still, be the designer the Dev Team does NOT want to slap (which is a totally a legit goal).
When not blabbering about negative space or humblebragging, I'm just as likely to be writing ridiculous sandwich recipes, designing a new chicken coop for "my girls", modding out Seiko's or just throwing lavish brunch parties for my adoring partner and dog fam.
To put a point on it, well-crafted, beautiful, delicious or any combination thereof is my HAWT JAM. Creating these types of things, these experiences and ultimately friendships, is my "mission statement". 
So if you're in the same boat with a different paddle, need words of encouragement / crisp high fives or just want to swap chilaquiles recipes let's chat!
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